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Looking to make some extra cash

A simple way to do that is to become a car inspector for us. You will be receiving additional income with the use of your current expertise anywhere at any time.

How to make that extra cash

Receive a fixed fee every time you inspect a car for My Car Inspectors.
By negotiating a fair price for customers, they will not overpay as a result. For any reduction in price achieved, you will receive a percentage fee accordingly.

Why use My Car Inspectors?

  • Set your own

    Accept or reject a request received from the My Car Inspectors’ App at anytime convenient for you.

  • Let the App find your

    Customers are now just a click away who require your advice and expertise. Just accept the request and go.

  • Make Money by doing something
    you are an expert at already

    Are you a garage mechanic who would like to make some extra cash? By becoming an Inspector for My Car Inspectors, you can provide your mechanical advice anywhere at any time.

How it works

Sign up and download the My Car Inspectors App (IOS / Android)

  • Receive an Alert
  • Accept or Reject
  • Travel to the
    location of the car
  • Inspect the car
  • Negotiate with
    seller if needed
  • Provide the customer
    with a report

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