Pre-purchase vehicle inspection

About Us

Buying a used car is risky and a vast headache. Despite customers doing research beforehand, the average UK second hand buyers are dissatisfied with their purchases due to the unsatisfactory quality of their purchased used car and overpaying. As the UK government advices, it is crucial for a vehicle to go through many checks before customers hand over their cash. To ensure the car is mechanically sound and to avoid buyers from overpaying, My Car Inspectors are here to help you!

My Car Inspectors are independent, qualified mechanics who help you make the right decision. My Car Inspectors is an online platform connecting used car buyers with mechanics nationwide. It will be an unique mechanical expert advice service in the UK which will operate very simple on your mobile phone app, allowing you to submit a request through our online software program. This will automatically send a nearby mechanic signed up on My Car Inspectors’ platform an alert to the location of the potential car and time of meeting with the seller. The mechanic will join you / be onsite to inspect the car and help to negotiate where needed.