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Get the Peace of Mind Prior to your next purchase

To ensure the car is mechanically sound, it is crucial for you to get an inspection from a field expert. We will save you the hassle from purchasing a faulty car and prevent you from overpaying. Moreover - My Car Inspectors have a low fixed fee for the car inspection itself. Additionally, a reasonable variable fee which is a percentage of the money saved by helping you to negotiate a fair price for the used car.

Why use My Car Inspectors?

  • It is your potential used car so pick your own Inspector

    You will be provided with a list of mechanics near the required location with their profiles, showing their expertise. It is your pick who you would like to come and inspect the car.

  • Flexible
    availability times

    Our Inspectors are not just available nine to five. Reserve an Inspector for the time which fits your need.

  • Works with your Busy Schedule

    Don’t have the time to go and view a car yourself? No need to worry, a mechanical expert that you have chosen can go to check out the car and provide you with the report.

  • No more overpaying for a used car

    With field experts at hand, when there is a need to bring a price down, they will be there to help!

How it works

Sign up and download the My Car Inspectors App (IOS / Android)

  • Submit a request through our App
  • Select a mechanic of your choice near the location where the car is
  • Arrange a time with the mechanic to inspect the car
  • Submit a rating for the mechanic after the process is completed